Do I Need Unlimited Wireless Internet?

You may be wondering if you need to switch from your current Internet service to an unlimited wireless Internet service. The need for more data and to have the ability to access the internet indefinitely seems to have become so important to people. Realistically though, you may be surprised how unnecessary “unlimited” internet access really is. The truth is, depending on your household’s usage, you may be better off with a service like satellite Internet that comes with a mandatory data limit. Why would you ever want a data limit? Because, such plans are often faster, less costly and more universally accessible than plans with complete data freedom.

While the above is 100% the truth, there are obviously certain people who DO in fact need that freedom that only an unlimited wireless plan can offer. Take a look at the below scenarios. If any/all describe you, then the answer is yes, you probably need an unlimited wireless Internet plan.


You regularly go over the maximum data limit on your current Internet plan.

For some users, even the larger plans can be a challenge to manage. If the Internet plan you have is one that leaves you hanging regularly because you’ve surpassed your monthly data, unlimited wireless Internet is for you.


There are multiple Internet users in your household.

This means that it is challenging for you to keep a handle on who is using the Internet and for how long. It may also mean that streaming media can be left on inadvertently eating up a whole month’s worth of data in less than a couple of days. If you have a large family or multiple roommates, perhaps an unlimited plan may be the best solution for you!


You are considering cutting the cable and switching to streaming services like Netflix.

video streaming services

If you are considering one or all of these services, unlimited wireless Internet is definitely the way to go. If you have a data cap, even a high one, it is very easy to surpass it with streaming video, as it is the most data intensive use of your Internet service.


You own a small business where you often share internet access with others.

Today, having Internet access available at your small business can be a huge difference over the competition. If you offer accommodations or have a business where people spend time waiting, offering free WiFi is huge! However, you absolutely need an unlimited wireless Internet plan, or you will find that you regularly hit your data cap.


You live in an area that has excellent cell phone reception and 4G service.

Wireless Internet will be fast enough and reliable enough for anything you need to do. If you have excellent cell phone reception and less than 4G service, find out the speeds that will be achieved with unlimited wireless Internet. If the speeds are not high enough, the switch is not worthwhile.


If you work from home and your job requires internet usage.


If you work from home, odds are that internet access is a big part of your job. Whether your are a remote blogger, web designer or marketer, you will easily pass the data limits your plan allows if you are using the internet for a minimum of 40 hour per weeks. The reality is, you will be using 40 hours each week for just work and if you want to use the internet after work, you are only exhausting more of your data. Odds are, you will need unlimited data to function effectively and be as productive as possible!


If any of these instances seem to describe your current situation, you are more than likely better off getting an unlimited sound like you, and especially if more than one sound like you, unlimited wireless Internet service may be the ideal solution for your home Internet needs. If you don’t fit into the above situations, take a look at one of the many wireless internet service providers that are available in the United States!