What Should You Look For In A Satellite Internet Provider

Satellite Internet providers can be categorized based on the download capacity and speed, customer service and the overall customer experience. The following are some of the prolific internet providers used all over the world:

Download Speed

Satellite Internet service can vary greatly in speed. Some go barely 5Mbps, while others are as fast as 15 Mbps. In fact the same company can even deliver both speeds because some tie speed to the price of your plan.

Data Plan

The data plan you choose dictates how much data you can download per month. You can get as little as 5GB per month up to 30 GB per month. You should also be on the look out for companies that offer unlimited free data access overnight. Especially if you or another web user in your house is a night owl, this can save you greatly on the cost of your plan.

Quality Service

Check out the reputation of the companies you are considering. Not all satellite Internet providers are equal. It is important to go with one that has experience and technology behind it, as well as a reputation for quality Internet service and customer service. Remember to compare apples with apples. Satellite Internet does not perform like cable or even like DSL in urban areas. There are lagtime issues and even some weather related inconveniences but it is still the best rural Internet option available.

Bundle Pricing Deals

This is an excellent choice for consumers who want to save money since it bundles television, phone and Internet together. You get one bill and a lower cost overall on the services you choose.

When you are in the market for high speed satellite Internet, carefully consider the many aspects of this product before you choose the best service for your home or business.

Exede Satellite Provider to Offer an “Unlimited” Plan

ViaSat’s Exede internet is increasing their service options by offering a new “unlimited” data plan. Branded as Exede Evolution, the plan offers unlimited and full-speed access to web pages and email.

With most providers in the satellite Internet industry, their packages have data caps across all of their plans. Exede becomes the first provider to offer a plan like this. Evolution removes all data usage limitations from basic web surfing and email and gives customers a data cap for other internet activities. Announced in the fall, ViaSat is now rolling out the new plan in 30 states.

The Exede Evolution plan includes:

  • Unlimited, full-speed access to email and web pages.
  • 5 GB of data to use for other Internet activity, including music, streaming media, and chat.
  • Download speeds of up to 12 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 3 Mbps.
  • Early Bird Free Zone, which provides full-speed, unmetered access to everything on the Internet, including video, from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. daily.

ViaSat has an opportunity to capture a consumer base that spends a lot of time browsing basic web pages and email and not watching videos or streaming music for large portions of the monthly data cap.

To check out more about the Exede internet speeds, check out this video below:

Exede Internet Broadband Demo

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